Best Summer Activities for Kids

It’s summer time! Guess what? It doesn’t have to be boring. How can it be when there are dozens of things to do out there?

Being with the kids in the house at this time can be challenging for both parents and children. It’s at this point that parents consider summer school for their children. This improves children’s learning and keeps them prepped for the next school year.

According to statistics, summer vacation causes a decline in students’ achievement by one month’s worth of school-year learning and the extend of loss is normally larger at higher grade levels. This phenomenon is known as “summer brain drain” or the “summer slide”. To avoid this eventuality for your child, institutions like Cambridge summer school are an excellent choice. If not, they can be involved in various activities at home.

Let us delve in to some of those activities and learn more.

The outdoors 

Summer time is sunny time. The outdoor activities for kids are enjoyable under the warm sun. Apart from the sunny beaches, you can take your kids to a miniature golf course. It’s not only fun but a great physical activity too.

A water park is an entertaining place for kids as well. Others are camping, participating in a marathon, working at an animal shelter, bicycle games, nature games among many others. All these keep the kids creatively engaged and away from the screens and the internet.

The indoors

The hot summer weather sometimes will not allow kids to be outside the whole day. Replacing the TV with some indoor activities will sharpen their brains and keep them on toes. These activities create special memories too.

Below is a list of some simple yet educative and fun activities for the summer months.

  • -Ping pong ball catching,
  • -DIY laser maze
  • -indoor puddle jumping
  • -story telling
  • -building a rainbow village
  • -art and craft
  • -dancing lessons
  • -cooking lessons

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