Cavity Wall Insulation and Residence Energy Saving

Sustainable Power Ireland (SEI) currently operates two property energy conservation applications where the participant home owners could be reimbursed the total expense they incur when carrying out specific home energy improvements. A single such improvement is the cavity wall insulation. Cavity walls provide a practical structural style to assistance wall insulation material.

Cavity Walls

Cavity walls are external building walls which incorporate an air gap which may well be within the wall structure itself (for e.g. Hollow block walls) or between two strong walls (or between two partitions obtaining a narrow air gap separating them).The latter approach was broadly used in houses constructed involving 1932 to 1982.

Just about all houses constructed following 1982 adopted the cavity wall approach with or without the use of insulation.

Why do you want insulation in cavity wall?

The wall cavity maintains an air gap which is a very good insulation. (In reality it is about the very best obtainable conveniently and practically all other manufactured insulation material incorporates air bubbles or spaces in order to get this advantage).When the cavity width in between the two walls exceed a particular important dimension the air inside the gap commence moving about due to convection (convection currents) which begin assisting heat transfer from the warmer to the colder side rather than blocking it.

Porous insulation fill will restrict the air movement inside the cavity supplying optimized insulation excellent.

How to obtain out no matter if your home has cavity walls

All houses constructed throughout the final 25 years are just about particular to have cavity walls. It is feasible these could be insulated also. Spouwmuurisolatie constructed during the 50 years prior to that are also most likely to have cavity walls but may not have any insulation.

A positive giveaway sign is the brick pattern of the exterior wall. In common wall bricks are laid in 3 patterns.

Stretcher bond
Flemish bond
English bond
Of these only the stretcher bond patterned brick walls will have a wall cavity. A stretcher bond patterned brick wall will have the bricks laid flat on side and in a linear manner i.e. bricks laid finish to end.

A further tell tale sign is the width of the total wall. Due to the incorporated cavity the width is in excess of the standard 300 mm width you would expect it to have.

It is always better to get a skilled person with appropriate tools to give advice on these matters. Generally they drill holes in the wall and collect information to find out the specifics of the air gap, insulation material (if any), and the present situation of it.

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