Children Party Games Ideas

Children Party Games Tip Sheet

The first few parties can be a little daunting, but with some preparation you need not worry. All parties need to have the traditional party game and below are a few suggestions which will help.

Outsource or Do It Yourself?

There are two options available to you when planning a party, enlisting the skills of a professional party planner or the do it yourself approach. Using the skills of a well honed party planner can not only take a great deal of stress away, but also will have the contacts and resources available to them such as an entertainer or other equipment such as bouncy castles and so one.


Ask your child what games they would like to play at the party and encourage them to help with the planning as much as possible. Think through the various stages of the game, not only in terms of timing but the practicality and environment. For example if music is going to be part of the party, check that you actually have a power socket nearby to plug your music device in.

Make sure you have number of games planned. If the game does not go according to plan, don’t be afraid to change or slightly vary the rules as you see fit. The golden rule to planning party games is to always have too many than too few.

The games you consider should be appropriate to the age group and ensure you have a few other variation of the game in case it is not as successful as you first thought.


Consider the time it will take for a party game to last. There is nothing worse Inflatable bouncer you thought would keep the children entertained for twenty minutes, being over in a matter of a few. Keeping a room full of toddlers entertained for every minute is key and you must avoid boredom at all costs.

Involve everyone

Make sure you involve everyone in the party games. It is likely you will have a mixture of boys and girls, all with different personalities. Some games involve more participation than others so you should consider how much or how little involvement you expect. Some children may be a little shy for example, so a game involving standing up in front of everyone and saying or doing something may not be appealing to them.

Don’t forget to ask the other parents to help with the party games. Some parents may even have a party piece they may be happy to perform in order to keep the entertainment going.


Party games need not be complicated, simple games such as hide and seek, pass the parcel, a treasure hunt with some written clues or pin the tail on the donkey can keep children entertained for longer than you might imagine.


Prizes should be plentiful and varied. They need not be expensive items, little sweets, chocolates or small toys tend to be the best. Generally you should look to ensure everyone receives a prize of some sorts.

Party Bags

All children love to receive the traditional party bag at the end. This activity can be made into a simple game if you are struggling to keep the attention levels high. A simple creative word game or guessing game would suffice, and you will be surprised at how much the children enjoy this. The contents of a party bag tend to be little toys, pocket games and other inexpensive gifts for little ones.

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