Upscale Packaging at Store Supply

One thing that is important is to match all elements of your store with your merchandise and price points. That means creating an entire environment that is consistent with your store’s brand. Sometimes little things are overlooked but for boutiques or upscale stores, the little details really communicate the value of your items.

One of the most important items to upgrade is your store’s packaging. You shouldn’t charge hundreds of dollars for one item and then wrap it in a standard bag. Packaging should be thicker, have a nicer finish and be something that translates that the customer was treated in a manner deserving of their high scale purchase.

Your main packaging should be higher quality when running a high end store. So bags, boxes and gift packaging should follow suit. Glossy Euro Totes are always a top choice for boutiques because the structure of the bag will protect merchandise. Also, these totes can double as gift wrap. They can even serve as a signature of your store if branded. Every girl loves seeing that pink striped Victoria Secret bag under the tree or at a wedding shower.

For jewelry stores, small touches make the difference. Upgrading to a box with metallic finish such as gold or silver makes the box much more luxurious and upscale. Or use keepsake boxes that can serve as a pretty storage box as well as the take home packaging.

When wrapping up purchases, what you include in a bag or box can really set off the packaging. Wrapping items in tissue paper or including that or cellophane wrap in a bag gives the extra touch that is expected and appreciated from upscale stores. Bulacan to Laguna

Just make sure you think of the small details when designing and ordering supplies for your boutique. Check out other boutiques in your area and see how they wrap their packages and make sure that you either follow suit or outdo them to keep your high spending customers happy. For more information, check out our website at


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